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Joshua Wong , spokesman #OccupyCentral" I Call you for support

I am Joshua Wong, I am the spokesman of the Occupy Central Movement.  We hope more of the people from different countries and different nations can support us because we hope Hong Kong can have true universal suffrage under the rule of the Communist Party.

We hope we can create a miracle—the first country that can get universal suffrage and political reform under communist control. We will persist using the principle of peace and non-violence and not hurt others even the policemen because we know the problem is not from the policemen. The problem is coming from the Chief Executive of Hong Kong (installed by China). We hope that more people from different countries can support us because we need international support because more media and more people support will give more burden for the Communist Party to not use violence to hurt or even kill the people on the road.  We don’t know whether the policemen will hurt us again. 

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People have mobilized to demand the resignation of Leung Chun-Ying, the current Chief Executive of Hong Kong chosen by Beijing. In 1997, when Britain turned control of Hong Kong over to China after colonizing the country for 150 years, China pledged to maintain the existing economic and legal system existing this special administrative region. But it is now clear that Beijing is trying to circumvent its obligations by imposing more restrictive measures on the people of Hong Kong.

We applaud the maturity of the Hong Kong’s youth and encourage all civil libertarians and those in support of democracy to show your support for this massive and peaceful demonstration.

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